In Naturopathy, patients are considered to be ‘individuals’ with their own unique set of circumstances. This means that that everyone has different manifestations and experiences of their disorders.

The approach to treatment must be individualised.

If you haven’t seen a Naturopath before, you might be unsure what we actually do! A qualified Naturopath is able to offer specialised Nutritional and Herbal Medicine (and sometimes Homeopathy and Flower Essences). Although there are specific herbal medicines and formulations that are indicated for particular conditions, a patient-centred approach means the treatment strategy is always tailored for each patient. For the effective application of herbal medicines an understanding of the process of the disease is necessary. Although there are herbal medicines that are specific for particular disease, most benefit is gained when actions of herbal medicines are matched with disease processes and healthy physiology is supported (physiological enhancement).

This is why its extremely important to utilise an adequately qualified practitioner. Your dis-ease and your best friends, co-workers, mother-in-law’s sister’s dis-ease and what led them to that is not necessarily going to be the same (even if the medical diagnosis from a GP is the same). Under qualified people calling themselves Practitioners/Naturopath’s (such as those with a certificate in health coaching) do not understand the disease process and are therefore can only offer general advice – they are unable to offer an individualised treatment plan just for you.

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