I remember the day she was diagnosed so clearly. I had taken the day off work to pick her up after a colonoscopy that she had been on a waiting list for quite some time. When I arrived at the hospital, instead of asking me to be seated in the waiting room they sent me into the recovery room where she was awake but still under the effects of the anaesthetic. The physician joined us in the room, and I knew in my heart it was going to be bad news, as she had been ill for a long time. When the physician gave the diagnosis, I collapsed to the floor. He said she needed immediate surgery, chemotherapy and radiation or there was no way she was going to survive. The tumour was 10cm at the time of diagnosis.

She made the decision to walk out of that hospital the next day, and go down the road of ‘alternative’ medicine. That year was a heart wrenching, long and rough journey with a few hospital admissions in between. Without going into to much detail, I can tell you that after having surgery to have the tumour itself removed (which had shrunk a few cm at the time of removal) and being told that she would have metastasis, full hysterectomy and permanent stoma and desperately needed further conventional interventions – the outcome was nothing but positive and 5 years down the track she is cancer free.

My mums diagnosis is what sparked my journey into the world of naturopathic medicine. During her recovery I spent much of my free time researching and became increasingly drawn to complementary and alternative medicine. I went from not exercising, binge drinking every weekend and eating takeaways and junk food to completely overhauling my lifestyle. I became a qualified personal trainer and did that for a year but quickly realised that I had an incessant need to know a lot more and do a lot more. So I enrolled into an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy and thats where it all began!

I am completely fascinated by nutritional and herbal medicine and its ability to bring the body back into balance. From asthma to autoimmune disease, sleep issues, depression and anxiety, hormonal imbalance, cancer and everything in between, naturopathy is my passion and I want to help your health to bloom!

I’m a self confessed nerd, I love to learn! In my spare time you’ll find me reading anything health related!


Holistic Approach



Everything we put into our mouths has to be processed by our body in one way or another. Gluten, casein and sugar are the most problematic foods in the diet for most people, as they cause a cascade of inflammation, leading to a plethora of health conditions. It starts in the gut, where these ingredients cause inflammation of the intestinal lining and cause what is known as permeability. When there is permeability, things that should not normally pass through the lining are able to get through the tight junctions and into the blood causing an array of chronic disorders. Have you ever heard the phase ‘all disease starts in the gut’?



Herbal medicine is the original medicine, and has been used for thousands of years to restore balance in the body. When you hear ‘its not proven’ you should know that the reason for this is because the companies who fund the types of studies that ‘prove’ medicines do not want to spend money on something unless they can patent it. Plants are unable to be patented in their natural form. Unless they are tampered with and broken down into active constituents, and then duplicated in synthetic form where the synergistic properties are lost, Big Pharma has zero interest.



The human body was made to move, not to sit around all day. Now i’m not saying taking a holiday and lying around on a beach all day isn’t beneficial for your health (we all need some time out every now and then) but sitting at an office desk or on the couch all day is extremely bad for our health. Whether you take a walk, jog, run, do group sports, go to the gym, do bootcamp or yoga or pilates or any type of activity where you move your body – you need to do this for at least 30 minutes every single day. Exercise is proven to be better than medication for depression and anxiety!

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